Limestone is a snow-white sedimentary rock in which you can clearly recognise the collection of fossils and/or quartz granules. This soft white stone is easy to sculpt.

Available Finishes

You can choose how to finish this natural stone. Limestone is usually honed, but you can also choose for a Letano or Sensato finish.

  • Honed: a smooth, matte finish of your natural stone as a result of spraying and sanding.
  • Sensato: a soft finish for a rustic test.
  • Letano: a softly brushed, rolling surface accentuates the natural colour of the stone.


Limestone has been in common use for centuries. For examples, just look at the beautiful monumental statues. Certain types of limestone can be used both indoors and outdoors, such as for floors or mantelpieces.

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