Bluestone is a compact dark limestone. The dark ground mass of this natural stone harbours fossils of sea lilies. In addition to the common Belgian Bluestone, there is also Vietnamese and Irish Bluestone.


Options abound for this bluestone. It can be used for floor covering, mantelpieces, doorsteps and so on. This hard stone works very well both indoors and outdoors.

Available Finishes

Vietnamese Bluestone only comes in tiles. Irish Bluestone is available in slabs and tiles. Finish the bluestone or arduin with one of the following methods.

  • Polished: even stronger colours with a nice gloss. The natural veins and structure gain an extra dimension.
  • Letano: a softly brushed, rolling surface accentuates the natural colour of the stone.
  • Sanded: a smooth surface with circular lines without sawing traces as a result of spraying with rough grain or diamond sanding plateaus.
  • Anciento: a coarse finish that still feels soft. The natural stone has a nice satin-like glow and is non-slip.
  • Flamed: enjoy a coarse texture with glittering granules.
  • Honed: a smooth, matter finish of your natural stone as a result of spraying and sanding.
  • Sandblasted: after a light honing, the natural stone is sandblasted. The result is a rough and fine-grain look.
  • AquaPower: the power of water brings the intense natural colour of the stone to life.
  • Sensato: a soft finish for a rustic test.
  • Hammered: the bush hammer creates small pits. The size and number of irregularities depends on the hammer used.
  • Old cut: light-grey markings create a direct contrast to the dark background.
  • Sbattu: irregular chiselling cuts create light-grey tracks.
  • Chiselled 12 and 15 sl/dm: a classic finish for fine parallel lines.
  • Ice flowers: a pattern of white etchings, just like ice crystals.
  • Serena: the splitting process creates irregular surfaces with intense relief.
  • Blue honed: honing with a coarse grain brings out the light-blue-grey colour.
  • Dark honed: honing with a fine grain creates a dark blue-grey to black hue.
  • Blue Brushed: sanding with fine diamond granules for a sustainable surface.
  • Sclypé: exceptionally fine parallel lines create a pure and robust look.
  • Graded: coarse, chiselled stripes alternate to create a smooth, elegant impression.
  • Stonewashed Light: ceramic chips sand the tile or slab with a typical micro pattern and increase the resistance.
  • Stonewashed Dark: a smooth surface for indoor use. With a familiar micro pattern.
  • Abbay: a spotted, primed finish. A finish full of character with a rustic look.
  • Cottage: a retro look with a subtle, smooth texture. Easy maintenance.
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