When magma cools very quickly, it forms this natural stone: minerals do not have time to form. The result is a fine-grain stone. Basalt has a low porosity and a high hardness.


Basalt is a sturdy natural stone that proves its worth both indoors and outdoors. This type of stone is weather-resistant and can often be found outside, such as on terraces. This hard natural stone can be used as floor covering and wall cladding; there are hardly any limitations.

Available Finishes

This natural stone is easy to finish. Basalt is suited for harder finishing methods (for outdoor use) and softer finishing methods (for indoor use).

  • Polished: a glossy, reflective surface. The white spots, veins, nature and structure of fossils are striking, as are the colours.
  • Flamed: enjoy a rough texture with glittering granules.
  • Honed: a smooth, matte finish of your natural stone as a result of spraying and sanding.
  • Peperino Grigio
  • Oriental Basalt
  • Crystal Black
  • Basaltlava Eifel
  • Basaltina