The Laminam collection consists of high-quality ceramic slabs. This combination of sand, clay and minerals is reinforced with a glass fibre cover. Laminam is an Italian producer and trendsetter when it comes to technology.


Countertops for the kitchen, facade cladding, wall cladding, staircases or even bathrooms: the possibilities of these ceramic slabs are copious. The acid, heat, frost and UV resistant qualities speak for themselves. In addition, the material is wear-resistant and food-safe.

Available Finishes

These fully ceramic slabs have a thickness of 1.2 centimetres. Also available in large size. The large slabs are 324 by 162 centimetres, with the same thickness. Laminam is the inventor of the thin ceramic slabs in large size. Depending on the colour, there are three finish options:

Polished: even stronger colours with a nice gloss. The natural veins and structure gain an extra dimension.
Letano: a softly brushed, rolling surface accentuates the natural colour of the stone.
Soft touch: a smooth, matte finish with a lively structure and colour.

  • Uniceramica Laminam Tinta Unita Neve
  • Uniceramica Laminam Ossido Nero
  • Uniceramica Laminam Ossido Bruno
  • Uniceramica Laminam Legno Venezia Corda
  • Uniceramica Laminam Cava Calacatta Oro Venato
  • Uniceramica Laminam Cava Bianco Statuario Venato
  • Uniceramica Laminam Calce Tortora
  • Uniceramica Laminam Calce Nero
  • Uniceramica Laminam Calce Grigio
  • Uniceramica Laminam Calce Bianco
  • Uniceramica Laminam Calce Avorio
  • Uniceramica Laminam Calce Antracite
  • Uniceramica Laminam Belgian Blue
  • Travertino Flaminio Light